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Cohort 1.0

“The Scale-Up Program provides an unparalleled opportunity for firms who have the drive and ambition to be global leaders. If you’re a Canadian firm that wants to establish a presence on the global stage, and be an industry leader, I can’t think of another program that would give entrepreneurs the same opportunity in terms of exceptional curriculum, program staff, and best-in-class mentors.”

Will Lymer, Co-founder, ARC4DIA

ARC4DIA was founded in 2010 by CEO Pierre Roberge, a former cyber specialist within the Canadian national security community.

After years of witnessing valuable assets and intellectual property being compromised daily by cyber criminals, he gathered a group of cyber experts to create a cyber security solution to combat the world’s most sophisticated cyber threats. Today, ARC4DIA protects more than $40 billion in assets globally for government agencies along with medium to large scale enterprises across a variety of sectors. ARC4DIA joined the Lazaridis Scale-Up Program to develop an enhanced understanding of selling at scale.

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