Waterloo, ON

Cohort 1.0

“We’ve seen a huge amount of value come out of this program for us. The mentorship has been top tier. And the programming has been fantastic. We’ve taken a lot away from the program, and have now a laundry list of things that we’re working on as a company that are going to help us improve, and help us be more efficient and move faster.”

Erin Stephenson, Co-founder and COO, DOZR

DOZR is an online marketplace for heavy equipment sharing in the construction and agriculture industries.

Founded by Kevin Forestell, Erin Stephenson and Tim Forestell in 2015, DOZR enables business owners to earn revenue from their idle equipment and allow contractors to rent high-quality equipment at lower rates than they would find with traditional equipment rental companies.Since virtually every contractor has equipment sitting idle, the DOZR team is excited by the opportunity to disrupt this industry and help their customers become more competitive. DOZR joined the Lazaridis Scale-Up Program to assist with their significant expansion plans into the U.S. market.

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Erin Stephenson of DOZR with mentor Samer Hamadeh