Chatham, ON/Montreal, QB

Cohort 1.0

“What we’ve really learned is how some of the key individuals that are teaching us have gone from where we are today into these multi-billion-dollar companies. That’s where we want to be, and they’re giving us the tools and processes here to structure our companies in a way where we can come to realize those goals. It’s been an excellent experience and we are, as a company, embracing it with open arms and trying to listen and take advantage of everything that the Institute is teaching us.”

Peter Fantuz, COO, Intellitix

Intellitix eliminates the need for physical tickets, cash, and credit cards at live events by providing guests with an RFID wristband or lanyard and managing access, payments and data using their software platform.

They’ve already processed a half billion dollars in payments and 20 million guests at the world’s largest live events like Tomorrowland, Coachella and the Ryder Cup. Their customers generate as much as a million dollars in additional sales because they make entry faster and purchases easier.

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