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Cohort 1.0

“We have an idea of how big the problem is, to scale a company up, and for us to get assistance in doing that from people who’ve been through these cycles is completely invaluable. This brings in expertise at the right times. It brings in counsel so that we can make the right decisions now and invest in doing the right things now so that our growth will be able to take off exponentially, and that it won’t risk either damaging our potential for growth or preventing us from realizing our full potential.”

Marc LeClerc, VP Sales and Marketing, NoviFlow

NoviFlow was founded in 2012 with the vision to make networks fully programmable.

NoviFlow offers high-performance, fully programmable networking products comprised of their Network Operating System (NOS), NoviWare®, running on low cost, high speed NPU-based white box hardware, fully supporting SDN OpenFlow 1.3/1.4/1.5. This enables their customers to deliver high value services ten times faster and perform cybersecurity detection and mitigation better than any current alternatives. Already deployed around the globe, NoviFlow joined the Lazaridis Scale-Up Program to help them manage efficiently their very rapid sales growth.

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