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“Every leader of an organization experiences issues, difficulties, successes at different times in the journey. And we don’t always talk about them, which sometimes makes it lonely at the top. But having similar people in similar situations over the last six months just opens up the communication where we’re able to share our struggles, our issues, our opportunities. It builds this team where we’re all cheering for one another to be successful, and to grow to the next level. And then we’ve also met some wonderful people who were advisers to us, who are behind us and giving us the energy, the support, the knowledge to be very successful. Not all CEOs get that and I think that’s a differentiation with this program.”

Franck Hivert, CEO, Oculys Health

Franck Hivert founded Oculys in 2011 with the vision of a simple, singular tool that consolidates essential hospital operational and utilization data across systems into one view in real-time.

With the Oculys solution, healthcare leaders and teams have access to the pulse of their operations – from emergency department wait-times to operating room performance and patient flow bottlenecks – anytime, anywhere on any mobile device. Oculys joined the Lazaridis Scale-Up Program to help them take the next steps in their network and market expansion.

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Kathe Johnston of Oculys