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“There was that assumption that, oh, I kind of know almost everything. But far from it. It’s actually very humbling to double down on the basics and say these are the right things to do. Here’s a reasoning, a rationale behind the right things. And putting on different hats from different roles in a company and seeing the same challenge or opportunity from a variety of viewpoints is a really grounding experience. It’s really helpful for me personally to understand what are the right things to do and why they are the right things to do.”

Ivan Tsarynny, Co-founder and CEO, PostBeyond

Founded in 2013 by Ivan Tsarynny and Vitaliy Lim, PostBeyond is a leading employee communication solution chosen by global enterprises to improve the millennial work experience and enable employees to share curated corporate content on social media.

Clients cultivate socially engaged employees to demonstrate brand value in the marketplace through one-to-one relationships at scale. PostBeyond has clients worldwide and big plans to expand even further with the help and guidance provided through the Lazaridis Scale-Up program.

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