Halifax, NS

Cohort 1.0

“We’ve learned a lot over the last six months. This program made us look at all parts of our company in a different light. We’re a different company than when we started. We have more of a direction and a focus on where we want to go. And we feel like we have the tools to actually get there. We were fairly confident before, but now we’re even more confident that we can get to where we want to go.”

Jordan Kyriakidis, President and CEO, QRA Corp

QRA was founded in 2012 by Jordan Kyriakidis and Dean Tsaltas to solve one of the greatest hurdles for innovation – verification of complex systems.

QRA builds software tools for engineers designed to catch vulnerabilities and undesirable behaviour in early-stage systems before they generate cost overruns, project delays and catastrophic failures in later stages of development and deployment. Their goal is to become the standard used within the aerospace, defence and automotive industries for the verification and analysis of complex designs.

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