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Cohort 1.0

“Every program (weekend) we go through, we’re just learning so much more. Where else am I going to learn that much about product management? It’s just these intense courses that we’re doing, just getting all those insights. And hearing from these people that have really been there, done that, part of big organizations, where they’re early, and can give you very, very relevant information. That’s very, very powerful.”

Steve Cody, CEO, The Better Software Company

The Better Software Company is a SaaS vendor serving the global franchise market.

Unlike traditional enterprise software vendors, they provide operational software that understands the complexities of franchising. Their mission is to provide franchisors and franchisees with the tools and insights they need to run and grow their business, in one affordable system.

Integrated features such as brand control, workflow, royalties, CRM, scheduling, billing, invoicing, reporting, analytics, and inventory management offer franchise owners the simplicity and ease of use that will save time and deliver value to their day to day operations. The Better Software Company joined the Lazaridis Scale-Up Program to help them achieve their ambition to become a billion dollar company.

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