The Lazaridis Institute introduces Blitzscaling by Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh

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What is the secret to Amazon’s success? What do Facebook, Google and Airbnb have in common? Contrary to what you’ve read, it’s not superhuman founders, mythic “passion”, or spectacularly savvy venture capitalists. It’s Blitzscaling.

The Lazaridis Institute invites you to a presentation by Chris Yeh on specific practices to ignite and manage hypergrowth.  Our goal is to collaborate with tech ecosystems across Canada to develop the strategies, tactics and expertise necessary to take startups to globally competitive scale. Join us after the presentation to eat, drink, and connect with the founders, CEOs, investors, policy makers and support organizations working to grow your local tech community.

Save the Date for the City Nearest You:

Tuesday, June 5                 Halifax, NS               Register Now
Wednesday, June 6           St.John’s, NL            Register Now
Thursday, June 7                Moncton, NB           Register Now
Monday, June 11                Winnipeg, MB
Tuesday, June 12               Saskatoon, SK
Wednesday, June 13          Calgary, AB
Thursday, June 14              Edmonton, AB
Monday, June 18                Ottawa, ON
Tuesday, June 19                Toronto, ON
Wednesday, June 20          Waterloo, ON
Tuesday, June 26                Victoria, BC
Wednesday, June 27          Vancouver, BC
Wednesday, July 4th          Montreal, QC
Thursday, July 5th              Quebec City, QC

Registration links will become live upon availability. Please stay tuned here, or visit our event listings for all current events.

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Jessica Smith