Montreal, QC

Cohort 02

“We are excited by the opportunity to join this year’s Lazaridis Scale Up Program cohort.  I have no doubts that, with their support, my vision of growing Agendize to become the essential tool for successful entrepreneurs and small businesses will materialize more quickly.”

Alexandre Rambaud, Founder and CEO

Established in Canada in 2009 by Alexandre Rambaud, Agendize is a customizable conversational booking and CRM app offering powerful engagement tools that enrich an integrated CRM.

Agendize’s mobile-first integrated app improves business efficiency, maximizes customer engagement and ultimately increases revenues.  With its industry-leading technology, available on a white-label basis with advanced APIs and able to meet the needs of all industries, Agendize serves a growing network of partners: digital agencies and publishers, as well as major enterprises and franchises, in over 20 countries.

Growing its scheduling user base at 20% per month for the last year and targeting to grow to over 1 million users, Agendize joined the Lazaridis Scale-Up Program to develop the skills and relationships needed to push them into this phase of major growth.

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