Lazaridis Institute Scale-Up Program Expert speaking to group of individuals


One-on-one time with international experts in each functional area

120 individual hours with a mentor chosen for your company

National peer group

A national peer group of other CEOs and founders

Framework and tools

The framework and tools you need to execute your growth plan


Combined with hard work, these building blocks can lead your company to:

  • Immediate changes and measurable progress every 30 days
  • Prepare for your next round of funding within 12-18 months
  • Be on the path to global market success

Cohort 2 Schedule

The CEO plus one executive team member from each of our Lazaridis 10 companies participates in five program weekends. These are two to three days each, over the course of six months. The Lazaridis Scale-Up Program culminates with workshops, meetings and connections in Silicon Valley.

Weekend modules begin every October. Watch for the announcement for 2018 applications!

Weekend Modules

Each weekend of the Scale-Up Program has a theme based on the needs of the Lazaridis10 cohort. A variety of topics may be included in each theme – again, determined by the challenges faced by the cohort. Examples include:

ThemeTopic Examples
What does it take to scale?Facing the scaling challenge, discover what makes you 'scale fundable', articulating your vision and mission, getting to 'wow'
LeadershipLeadership for scaling, building a corporate cultlure for scaling, organization design for rapid growth, talent management, growth metrics
ProductDesign thinking, product roadmapping and metrics, the customer experience, pragmatic branding
Customer acquisitionSelling at scale, marketing and market analytics, building a global brand global market access
Finance and operationsFinancing your scale-up, business economics, global operations, IP, risk and crisis management
Access to the US market and beyondSix months into the program, the Lazaridis10 spend an intensive week in Silicon Valley, meeting with and learning from successful companies, executives and influencers who will help with the scaling journey including growth challenges in the US market

Peer Network

Over the course of the Lazaridis Scale-Up Program, our global network of experts provides you with individualized mentorship, coaching and advice as you prepare for each step in your company’s scaling journey. These experts work with you to develop a plan to address your company-specific issues and chart your path forward, sharing their own personal experiences and challenges with scaling a company along the way.

You also have an opportunity to interact with and learn from some of Canada’s most promising technology scale-up companies, with similar growth objectives and aspirations. This peer network of companies will be exceptionally valuable as you continue to scale.


The Lazaridis Scale-Up Program provides customized support. This means we don’t have a set list of mentors we use every year. We select a mentor personalized to your industry and challenges, matched to our profile of your unique needs. This one-on-one time with global mentors and experts helps you dig into your company’s specific growth challenges and goals, and bring about actionable change.

How it Works

  • Step 1: Company is selected
  • Step 2: Company is profiled
  • Step 3: Mentor is selected for each company
  • Step 4: Mentor and company connect virtually
  • Step 5: Mentor and company meet in person at one of the weekend modules

You work with your mentor on an ongoing basis, to immediately apply what you learn in the weekend modules. After working together with the other companies, the global experts, and with your mentor, you will have built broad and deep relationships across Canada, in Silicon Valley and beyond.