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“Canada is rife with ideas, innovative research and promising entrepreneurs, yet we rank low as a home for leading global companies. Our best ideas, technologies and companies are too often sold to large foreign players, or don’t grow to the scale or make the global impact they should. We need to get better at supporting and growing companies that make a positive impact that lead the world, while staying rooted in Canada to build the ecosystem here. That’s why Terramera is thrilled to have found, and to participate in, the Lazaridis Scale-Up Program. We are grateful for the work of the Lazaridis Institute to help support high-growth, high-potential Canadian companies scale at home and globally. We have the potential to build a global leader here—one that is not only great in the world but great for the world.”

Karn Manhas, CEO and Founder

Terramera, which means “our earth”, is a Sustainable Agriculture Cleantech company founded in 2010 by Karn Manhas in response to the growing desire for natural products to replace toxic chemicals in homes, food and the environment.

Terramera uses technology to unlock the power of nature so we can live healthier, make clean food affordable and feed the world. Terramera. The company was built with one big idea in mind: to solve the problem of why natural/organic products perform less efficiently than current synthetic chemical pesticides & fertilizers. They have since achieved what the industry thought was impossible: plant-based, organic products that outperform some of the most toxic synthetic chemicals in use. In agriculture applications, Terramera has shown significant increases in yield and quality, which holds the promise of making sustainable farming and organic food more abundant and economical without the use of conventional chemicals. Terramera creates products for consumers, professionals and agriculture applications.

Terramera joined the Lazaridis Scale-Up Program for support as they scale and grow into the US market, Canada and globally.

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